Guanacaste Rafting

Una de las peculiaridades que tiene este destino de Guanacaste Rafting, es el rio Tenorio que tiene entre sus atractivos rápidos.  Si está preparado para una gran aventura, esta es, sin duda, la opción ideal. El Río Tenorio pondrá a prueba sus dotes de aventura con sus rápidos,  clases III y IV (olas irregulares y moderadas, maniobras complejas en corriente rápida en su clase III; e intensas y poderosas pero predecibles en su clase IV). En Guanacaste encontrarás varios tesoros naturales que incluyen siete parques nacionales y tres reservas silvestres unidas a los salvajes rápidos del Tenorio.  Los  iniciados en el mundo del rafting, este viaje es una resultará singular, por el gran reto que resultará navegar en la intensidad de sus aguas, con giros, vueltas y caídas durante sus 8 millas de intensos y desafiantes rápidos. Es importante que el visitante esté en buena condición física.


Alajuela is located 20 kilometers west of San José, the capital. It is the second most populated city in the country, where you will find natural wonders impossible to miss, such as the Poás volcano (2,704 m altitude). This city is considered the center of commercialization of products such as sugar and coffee, it also plays an important role as a product distribution center, it is also a mining, commercial and industrial center, and also has various cultural institutions. In the town hall of this city the independence of Costa Rica was proclaimed on November 25, 1821. This city is home to the Tobía Bolaños Palma international airport.


Liberia is a city belonging to the district and capital of the Province of Guanacaste. Located 215 kilometers northwest of San José, it is an important transport center, agricultural trade. At present, this city has become a nucleus of services related to tourism, a pillar of the Guanacaste economy. In Liberia, there is the Daniel Oduber International Airport, the second most important in Costa Rica and the ninth in Central America due to the movement of passengers.

Limón o Puerto Limón

This city is known as Puerto Limón or Limón, head of the province of the same name. It is located 152 kilometers east of San José, on the Caribbean coast. In Limón is the largest and most important port for commercial use in Costa Rica, in addition to the Limón International Airport.


Heredia is a capital city of the province of the same name. It is characterized by a moderate climate. This city is rich in rich for its colonial traditions, reflected in its popular and religious festivals. Located in the central plateau, it is surrounded by mountains with lakes and rivers. Known as the “City of Flowers”, you will find in this city abundant vegetation and the warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants. Although it is a developing city in the tourist area, which offers many facilities in terms of hotels, lodgings, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping centers, car rental agencies. Among its advantages is being just 15 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport and 20 minutes from San José.

San José Costa Rica

San José is the capital of the Republic of Costa Rica. It is located in the center of the country, specifically on the intervolcanic plateau called Central Valley. San José is the most important political, economic and social center of the Costa Rican territory, in this city are the main transport and telecommunications points and links. It stands out among cities in Latin America and Central America for its high quality of life, safety, and environmental performance. The Juan Santamaría International Airport is located in this city


Puntarena is the capital of the province of the same name, located at 130 kms. of San José, is the largest city in the Pacific. Located on a long and thin peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya. In this city you will find the most extensive beaches of Costa Rica. Tourists find an ideal place to practice water sports and enjoy the most pleasant sun bath in calm and clean waters. . With a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, tour operators and all the services required in one place. Puntarenas is the most important fishing port in the country, so it is an ideal place where you will find fresh seafood, such as garlic shrimp, whole fish, or corvina ceviche

Pure adventure The Guapote

This unique destination represents a particular experience for the visitor. You can find samples of an ecological tourism from the visit to this farm located in Guanacaste. You can find samples of an ecological tourism from the visit to this farm located in Guanacaste. A ranch of horses and cattle that dates back to 1590 years, covers an area of ​​1400 acres of natural resources. In the hacienda you can enjoy a primary forest (old wood), 250 acres of secondary forest (new wood), 350 acres of wooded pastures, six rivers, multiple natural springs and two sets of waterfalls. A horseback ride through the quiet and amazing areas of this hacienda before ascending to the first Canopy Pura Aventura platform, which you will also find as an option.

Foundation Jaguar Rescue

Jaguar Rescue Center is a rescue center for wild animals in the Southern Caribbean zone of Costa Rica. The main objective of this center is to recover wild animals that have suffered an accident, lost their family or specific cases in which it is necessary to intervene This place is responsible for restoring to its natural habitat the animals that arrive at the center The visitor can find the work carried out by the support group for the conservation of the unique fauna of this region.

Samara Beach

This beach is one of the safest beaches on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Located in the peninsula in the province of Guanacaste. The visitor will be surrounded by palm trees and tropical vegetation, with reefs and shallow waters ideal for swimming. Sámara is a small town characterized by its beach tourist activity. This becomes an ideal destination for family vacations and “quiet” trips.